Who is Roadhouse? He’s an iPhone touting, espresso drinking, man-bun sporting dude. But lucky for you, he came into contact with GA before it was too late. How did he find his way into radio? By sheer luck and perseverance. Dalton scored a job setting up tents for Rock 94 and a Half and knew immediately he wanted to be a part of something more and not just making sure Bunz was happy on location.

Born on the Westside of Washington in good ole’ Puyallup, he spent the first ten years of his life stealing music from his older cousin across the street and learning that mom doesn’t like Korn being blasted on the stereo, especially when you’re only seven years old. Dalton’s first love for rock started with TOOL and quickly evolved into Deftones, Nine Inch Nails, Nirvana, Metallica, Marilyn Manson and more. That older cousin eventually convinced his madre to let him go to a TOOL Concert at KeyArena when he was only eight. Seeing Maynard in underwear and a cowboy hat changed his life forever.

It wasn’t until 2003, when Dalton was eleven, his parents up and yanked him from the Westside to the beautiful little town of Spirit Lake, Idaho. Not familiar with anything in the area, all he had was a stereo and himself. Luckily, he found Rock 94 and a Half on the dial blasting the music he grew up on. Dalton has listened to Rock 94 And A Half since he was a kid and now he’s lucky enough to be part of the crew. You can catch Dalton 10AM-2PM weekdays.

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