When GA first arrived on the radio scene, dinosaurs still roamed the Earth, and Vinyl was the source of choice; heck, it was the only source. Then, the asteroid came, and BOOM! It all got crazy, and the download was on! 36 years in radio, most of it right here in Spokane, where the best rock radio listeners anywhere on the planet, The Mosh Pit All Stars, turn that 3:30am alarm into a positive. Because of our incredible listeners, the rock radio future is so bright that GA has to wear a welder’s mask!

Preparing for a life in radio is not easy…Especially if you’re G.A. First, you have to be born in a desolate part of Alaska, then at the age of two move to an even more desolate part of Venezuela. At six years old, it helps if you move to an even more desolate part of Africa, followed by layovers in Panama and the Outback of Australia. Then to top it off with a yearlong tour of duty in the most desolate place in the lower 48: Eastern Montana. More specifically, Hysham, which G.A. believes to be a sister city to Siberia, Russia. If not, it should be.

Once you have accomplished that grasshopper…

GA may not be on everyday with The Mosh Pit All Stars, but you never know when he’ll pop up with The Mosh Pit All Stars on Spokane’s Live and Local Rocker.  Maybe hanging on a beach somewhere!