Born and raised in Spokane, growing up on Rock 94 And A Half, and throwing elbows with the Mosh Pit All-Stars. Set on the right path of rock music after stealing his older brother’s CD of The Notorious BIG’s “Ready to Die”, but inside was Deftones Self-Titled which paved the way for his music taste today. As a kid, you wouldn’t see him without headphones on and his CD Walkman playing A Perfect Circle, Incubus, Deftones, Gwar, Korn, Glassjaw, or Limp Bizkit and that was still when he liked to leave the house dressed as Spider-Man.

He no longer dresses like Spider-Man, but he still loves to head bang! Enjoys going to concerts ever since his first show, Puddle of Mudd, when he was 11. Having now seen everyone from ZZ Top to Slipknot and frequents local music around the area. When it’s not music, he’s eating burritos at Neato and playing pinball wherever he can till they kick him out. After college, he found his way to Rock 94 And A Half starting out setting up for events and loading up the Swag Wagon. Jumping at the chance to be a part Spokane’s Live And Local Rocker from 10am-2pm weekdays!

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