$500 Big Ol’ Bag Of Groceries

Webb’s Slough presents The $500 Big Ol’ Bag Of Groceries! This Double Shot Thursday, listen for Rock 94 And A Half to turn ANY Double Shot into A Triple Play. Hear the 3rd song of a Triple Play fire off, and text in the word “Thursday” to 509-744-0945 within 94 And A Half seconds. If the Random Text Generator lands on you, a Rock 94 And A Half lid is yours AND you’re in the end of the day drawing for a $500 Gift Card, AND a 4 pack of tickets to the June 17th Jet Sprint Boat races in St. John Washington at Webb’s Slough! To top it off in the 25th Anniversary of Rock 94 And a Half…you’ll also be in the Grand Prize drawing at the end of Spring for a The Rock 94 And A Half 25th Anniversary $2500 Gift Card!…BUT you gotta be a Mosh Pit All Star VIP member at the time you qualify for the Rock 94 And A Half lid! So you better be signed up in the VIP program. So what are ya waiting for? Get signed up now in The VIP Program by -CLICKING THIS LINK- or text in VIP to 509.744.0945 and get registered via your smart phone! The $500 Big Ol’ Bag Of Groceries, brought to you by Webb’s Slough in St. John Washington, Saturday June 17th. Get more details at WebbsSlough.com or click on the logo below!! Get SOME!!