Global Credit Union Presents Buck For A Truck

We’re sure you’ve seen Cedric and the Newby Ginnings cargo truck making it’s way around the Inland Northwest picking up donated items to help Newby Ginnings. Recently, the cargo truck decided that it’s diesel engine didn’t want to run anymore, and became a big ole’ paper weight. With the help by Neil from Auto Credit Sales, they are letting Newby Ginnings use one of their cargo trucks for the time being. Well, Rock 94 And A Half, Global Credit Union, and The Mosh Pit All Stars wants to help out to buy this rig! Go to -THIS LINK- and you can make your donation to help out “Buck For A Truck”. Global Credit Union will also donate a $1,000 to help out in the goal of getting this truck permanently to Newby Ginnings! Thanks much Mosh Pit All Stars!